Vet by day, artist by night, with a passion for our natural world and all things joyful.

I have thought long and hard about what I would call this new adventure. I wanted something meaningful that connected to the natural world, since all my work uses predominantly natural materials, but that spoke of a journey as I am only starting out very small.

As I kept thinking and thinking, I remembered back to my childhood, when we used to tag along with my Dad on annual business trips to West coast of the US. I remembered the stunning Coastal Redwoods and those in the national park too. I remember being amazed at how such a small seed could grow over so many years into natures giants, pointing heavenwards.

Redwoods are part of the Sequoia genus and the Poet William Bryant once said that the groves they grew in were Gods first temple. They remind us of our responsibility to the world and to focus on the important things in life, growth rather than small pesky matters. They symbolise stretching your limits and attaining dreams and reaching the best you can be in life. That it doesn’t matter where you start, so long as you do and learn along the way.

I hope this inspires others to reach for their dreams no matter what they are and how big they might be!

So, incase you were wondering this is the meaning behind the name!